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Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

Increase profits with Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

  • Attract more customers to your venue and gain a competitive advantage over other hairdressers in your area

  • Have peace of mind by choosing a solution that is fully compliant with the Digital Economy Act and Data Protection Acts

  • Gain a valuable insight into your customers with real-time data, which can be used to target marketing messages more successfully

  • Make the most of a customised landing page; brand your business to full effect and entice customers with special offers

Protect your business from financial losses

Ensure your business does not fall victim to non-compliance fines, fraud loses, and the damage to your reputation that occurs from a data breach. Our leading network security solution reduces the chance of a breach by a significant degree and guarantees PCI Compliance.

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Take your marketing campaign to the next level

We will provide you with valuable real-time data about all of your connected customers. You can use this to send targeted marketing messages to your clients about promotions and such like. This will help you to enhance sales at your hair salon.

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World-class connectivity boosts efficiency

Our connectivity services will boost efficiency at your hair salon thanks to unbeatable speed and reliability. Our 4G back-up feature provides ultimate peace of mind. This solution is delivered using the latest fibre and ADSL technologies.

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